Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child. Change a Life.

New Dream of Cambodian Children Organization tries to improve children’s education so they can get a quality job and have a better future.


In Cambodia, about 43% of students finish primary education at the age of 12. Graduation rates throughout all education in Cambodia are low because children are expected to work sooner and only 5,4% of Cambodian villages have a secondary school. That is why only 15% finish secondary school at the age of 18. Of these, only 10% enroll in Higher education or University…

We want to bring education to the poor villages surrounding Siem Reap.


As children don’t learn English in Cambodian education, NDCCO focuses on teaching English.

We also add other general subjects to the curriculum.

The whole curriculum makes it possible for our pupils to succeed for the national exam at age 18, finishing secondary school.

We also make sure all students get at least 1 hot meal per day.

We already have several students that made it through secondary school and higher education. They are now working in banking or insurance companies.

Their life has improved dramatically.

We want to change the lives of all our students.

That is why we need your help.

If you sponsor a child, you get the opportunity to change the life of at least 1 person on earth.

For only 15€/month, we are able to give your sponsored child:

  • at least 1 hot meal per day

  • daily education until age 18, giving them the chance to pass the National Exam and to continue higher education

  • all books & education tools

Become a sponsor now. Make a difference.

There are 2 ways to sponsor a child:

1. Via Paypal:

2. Via an automatic monthly transfer from your bank to the NDCCO bank account.

Please contact us to find the easiest way to setup an automatic payment from your bank to the NDCCO bank account.

If you donate from Europe, this transfer will be free of charge, as you are transferring to a European bank account. Our bank account number is BE10610496544004.