Community Farm

COVID-19 Crisis – Community Farm Project

When Covid-19 arrived around the world, the tourist industry globally ground to a halt. In Cambodia tourism accounts for around a third of the country’s GDP, approximately $5 billion or just under £4 billion. Over 6 million people visit Cambodia annually, and to say this has been devastating to Siem Reap’s inhabitants is an understatement, with as many as 50% employed in tourism there.

The school was surviving on the generous donations of visiting tourists and Kimlean’s salary as a Tuk Tuk driver, but now both are gone and the school and Kimlean and his family are living day to day on sporadic donations from a few supporters.

So now the School must look to the future and plan how it can survive, and not rely on tourism and donations all the time. It must become sustainable and able to stand on its own feet, or it simply won’t survive. Before Covid-19 struck the world, poverty in Cambodia was a major issue with only 27 percent of 3- to 5-year-olds developmentally on track in literacy and numeracy[*] and by the time they are 17 years old, 55 percent of adolescents will have dropped out of school[*]. The long term solution to this problem has to be something that can provide income to pay for the salaries of staff, food for the children, electricity for lights, fans, etc., as well as books and stationery. But also something that can provide an educational tool, and most importantly in the worst of times, provide food security. We believe the answer is a Community Farm.

A Farm producing Catfish & Chickens will yield enough income to support the school. The £45,000 target will be enough to buy the land, start the farming, and cover most of its costs for the first year, and before the end of year 2 will become self-supporting, and create additional income for the school. Further details on building and start-up costs can be found here: Cost & Map If you have any questions about this Community Farm Project, please get in touch

To ensure your donation is dealt with in a transparent way, regular updates will appear here, as well as on the GoFundMe Page. Once the target is reached a Trust will set up to manage the Community Farm, in order that your donation will benefit the local community as a whole, for future generations to come.

PLEASE help give the School, the children and the local community a sustainable future, and one that THEY will be in control of, and a future where they will not have to continually ask for help and support, to keep their school open.


Please Donate today

All donor names will appear on a plaque displayed at the entrance to the Farm as a tribute and a reminder to the local community for future generations what your care and compassion have created. (Please let us know if you do not want to appear on the plaque).

In addition, every month, you can check in on this page to follow our story, and hear how your donation will help achieve the hopes & dreams of the school children.

Please let’s make their Dreams a reality. Together!